Welcome, welcome, welcome to the wonderful world of mindfulness! You might be wondering what even is mindfulness? Well, let me tell you – it’s all about being present in the moment (yeah, I know it sounds cheesy, but bear with me). It’s about being aware of your emotions and thoughts without judgement, and just letting them be. And guess what? It’s not just for monks and hippies anymore! Mindfulness is for everybody, and I have some awesome resources to get you started.

Dr. Shari Geller

First up, we have the legendary Dr. Shari Geller! This woman knows her stuff, let me tell ya. Her book, ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Meditation’, will have you feeling like a pro in no time. She breaks down the basics of mindfulness in a way that’s easy to understand, even for those who have never tried it before. And if you’re a seasoned meditator? No problem. Dr. Geller’s book includes tons of tips and tricks for taking your practice to the next level.

Mindfulness for Kids: A Mindful Parenting Guide for Cultivating Calm

Mindfulness for Kids book cover

Next up, we have something for all the parents out there. ‘Mindfulness for Kids: A Mindful Parenting Guide for Cultivating Calm’ is a book that will teach you how to introduce mindfulness to your little ones. It includes tons of fun activities that will help your kids be more present and aware, while also having a blast. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want their kids to be more mindful? They might even start cleaning up after themselves…

Janet Lau – 150 Hours Of Mindfulness – Cultivating Equality 2.0 – Yoga

Janet Lau book cover

Are you ready for a deep dive into mindfulness? ‘Janet Lau – 150 Hours Of Mindfulness – Cultivating Equality 2.0 – Yoga’ is a training program that will take your practice to the next level. With a focus on equality and inclusivity, this program will teach you how to apply mindfulness to every aspect of your life. And let me tell you, Janet Lau is the real deal. Her teachings are steeped in tradition, but she’s not afraid to shake things up and make mindfulness accessible to everyone.

WEBCLASS: Cultivating Presence 07/27/22 | Hoffman Institute

Hoffman Institute class icon

And finally, we have something for all the tech-savvy mindfulness enthusiasts out there. The Hoffman Institute’s ‘Cultivating Presence’ webclass is a great way to dip your toes into mindfulness from the comfort of your own home. This class is taught by world-renowned experts in the field, and will give you a taste of what it’s like to be truly present in the moment. Plus, it’s super convenient – you don’t even have to leave your house!


  • Start small – even just a few minutes of mindfulness a day can have a big impact.
  • Find a teacher or mentor who can guide you on your mindfulness journey.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you.


Is mindfulness religious?

No, mindfulness is not tied to any particular religion. While it does have roots in Buddhism, it can be practiced by anyone regardless of their beliefs.

Do I have to sit cross-legged to meditate?

Nope! While the classic image of meditation involves sitting cross-legged on a cushion, you can meditate in any position that feels comfortable for you (even lying down!).

Can mindfulness help with anxiety?

Yes! Mindfulness has been shown to be an effective tool for managing anxiety and stress.

Do I need any special equipment to meditate?

Nope! All you really need is a quiet space to practice. If you want to get fancy, you can invest in a cushion or yoga mat, but it’s not necessary.

So there you have it, folks! Mindfulness made easy. Now go forth and be present!

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